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  • Reviewed: November 22, 2013
  • Template? No, this is a custom built website
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One Page Website Review

Fluger Design

Buckle up because our latest "Most Loved" one pager from digital agency 'Fluger Design' takes us for a trip in their airplane. We talk about how it takes the X-Factor to often make our "Most Loved" category and this site is filled with those unique little touches...

A custom pre-loader with traditional pilot introduction, a spinning propellor logo as you start scrolling down, how the airplane actually changes direction when you reverse scroll and definitely my favorite is in the branding section, on the page "We bring designs to life" the plane disappears into a sketch of the plane and then reappears to continue the flight - absolutely nailing their point. A great reference on the thoughtful elements that get users talking about a one pager after visiting.
A fun and entertaining parallax animated one pager utilizing our aviation theme. Our website is clean and simple, with parallax backgrounds and an animated SVG airplane that flies across the screen as you scroll – it even turns! We even have a fun 404 page, test it out!
Categories: Most Loved Portfolio
Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

I started One Page Love back in 2008. It's come a long way but I want to keeping adding value to your experience. Please tweet or email me with any questions or suggestions.