Grace Coote

Responsive One Pager for Irish web designer, ‘Grace Coote’ featuring a neat zoom effect on portfolio items. Cheers for the detailed build notes – I can appreciate how you kept pushing for keeping only the bare minimum content.

The challenge with this personal portfolio update was to keep it simple while still presenting sufficient content and attractive enough aesthetics to keep the viewer interested. I decided to focus on just a view samples of what I considered to be my best work from recent projects, and present these with a short description and the option to really enlarge the image and see the whole thing in detail. To achieve the zoom effect on the portfolio items I utilised a lot of CSS3 transitions and transforms, in order to get a smooth effect. I also decided to drop a navigation from the site altogether. The content is extremely simple, so I felt the need for it was gone and it would actually just clutter the site. Not having a navigation also means the user has to scroll through my work in order to get to something like my contact email address. By forcing them to follow the natural flow of the website you get optimum viewing of your work along the way.
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