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  • Reviewed: November 13, 2014 by Rob Hope
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Green Chameleon

Lovely One Page and branding redesign for UK based digital agency, Green Chameleon. I’m enjoyed this minimal approach with the left sidebar and also the dark scheme with the mint green accent.

For a while now we've felt the need to give our brand a refresh to more accurately represent us as an agency, a key part of the rebranding process has been updating our web presence. We realised that we are going to need to spend some serious time on our full portfolio website so created this holding page as an interim measure to show off our fresh new look! As always we have tried to include some nice interactive features such as the mouse responsive exploding particle logo, to achieve this we utilised the plugin 'Particle Slider' and tailored it to look how we wanted. The site is fully responsive down to mobile and we have put in some nice smooth scrolling css transitions between sections.
Categories: Portfolio
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Rob Hope

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