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Northpole “Share the Happiness”

Very unique Christmas-themed One Pager that promotes the Hallmark movie ‘Northpole’ with an interactive Elf Phone full of games and challenges. The more you interact, the higher the “Happiness Meter” goes further unlocking additional content. Big effort here by Alexx Henry Studios, thank you for the detailed build notes below.

Share the Happiness is a WebGL based experience that combines 3D characters from the Hallmark movie 'Northpole' with an interactive Elf Phone full of games and challenges that unlock additional content. Alexx Henry Studios and Verold collaborated to create a fully responsive site and provided a fallback 2D experience for browsers that don't support WebGL. There is also a mobile experience that turns your phone into the Elf device with all the apps and challenges of the desktop and tablet versions. The desktop experience is best viewed in Chrome.
Categories: Experimental Game
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