March 14, 2016 - Sponsored

How to Build a Landing Page in less than an hour with Wix

wix-intro-imageThis weeks RSS and site sponsor is Wix website builder, who are making big waves this year.

You have probably seen their funny Superbowl ad featuring Kung Fu Panda:)

Wix have provided us with a very comprehensive article on why Landing Pages are important, how they work and of course how you can create them with their user friendly platform.

wix-dentist-smallTwo out of three dentists might tell you what toothpaste to use, but three out of three marketers will tell those dentists that as long as they don’t have a website, no one really cares what they have to say. After all, your website is the key to establishing a professional reputation online. Those dentists might have the whitest smiles, but no one will notice them unless they’re online.

Those marketers are certainly right, but they are missing something. As great as a website is, a killer landing page is your ticket to collecting leads and referrals.

While the idea of creating a landing page might make your blood run cold, you can create one in under an hour with the Wix website builder.

Let’s pause for a second first, though, and see why you need one of these bad boys.

What’s the purpose of a Landing Page?

A landing page is a lot like a website, but it has a different function. While a website educates visitors, a landing page gets people to click through to complete an action.

The action is up to you. You might have them buy something from your online store or subscribe to your newsletter. You can even have them claim a coupon.

You will create your landing page around that desired action, so while a website has a lot of purposes, a landing page has one purpose.

Can you break it down for me?

wix-drinkOkay, so that was a mouthful. Let’s break it down a little bit so you can have a better understanding of what this means.

  • The landing page is centered around a single action. Everything on that page is used to get people to take that action.
  • Landing pages are concise and to the point, and only support the main objective. That doesn’t just mean the copy, either. Your design needs to be simple so people can focus on the task at hand.
  • When it comes to landing pages, it’s all about the click. While you want people to stay on your website to learn more, you want them to click off your landing page to complete an action. Your design and text need to back that up.
  • Unlike a website, a landing page is a single page. You can break that page up into a variety of sections, but you can’t break it up into pages.
  • Since you’re confined to a page, you need to use your virtual real estate wisely. All of your headers and buttons needs to convey your message in a way that jumps off the page and makes people want to take an action.
  • Unless you are a web programming genius, you need to use a professional landing page template. Professional templates go beyond great designs and include a strong visual hierarchy. Think of them as the perfect package. They have the beauty and the brains—just like you.

That’s great … but how are they going to work?

wix-artistYou have a lot of information floating around in your head now. It’s a big concept, and now it’s time to turn that concept into reality.

It all starts with traffic. You have to get traffic over to your landing page, or it will just flop around cyberspace without any real purpose.

It’s easier than you might think. You can:

  • Send a link to your email list
  • Run ads on social networks, or put a link to your landing page on your Twitter feed and Facebook page
  • Link to your landing page on your blog
  • Run a pay-per-click campaign through AdWords and other networks
  • Use SEO so it is found by the search engines

Okay, so once you get people there, what are you going to do with them? You have to think about what will happen after they click on a link. Will they go over to a shopping cart, where they will make a purchase? Maybe they will go to registration form.

You need to put some thought into this so you choose something that is right for your business.

Building your landing page with Wix

Now that you know why, it’s time to learn how. Wix is loaded to the brim with landing page temples designed with clicks in mind. You can choose any of the themes or designs you want, and then personalize it with your text, images, and links.

From the Experts: Since landing pages are a cinch to make, don’t stop with one. Make a second one and perform a test. You can see which one performs the best, and then use that page to increase your leads.