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Date: June 29, 2013
Category: Articles, Blog

How to subscribe to One Page Love

As most of you will know Google Reader closed it’s doors on Monday (1 July 2013). It was a great service but a lot of alternatives have surfaced since the announcement of it’s demise.

For the past two months I’ve been using Feedly and I 100% recommend it to follow One Page Love posts. It imports all your Google Reader feeds flawlessly and the UX/UI is top draw. Here is a preview of our content in the Feedly online interface that shows thumbnails (that links directly to the site) and the review:

One Page Love RSS Feed on Feedly

There are 4 different browsing layouts not to mention an incredible iPad and iPhone app.

Alternative methods to subscribe to One Page Love

Twitter – Majority of the one pagers we list
Facebook – Only the best one pagers we feature
Google+ – Only the best one pagers we feature
Pinterest – Most of the one pagers we list in 3 boards (general, most loved & templates)
RSS feed – To use on your RSS reader of your choice
RSS to email – Get all posts emailed directly to your inbox
Newsletter – Twice a month we send a short but sweet mail with our favorite one pagers, resources and findings

And of course let’s not forget to mention the traditional way by just keep visiting :)