Jan Losert

Lovely One Page portfolio redesign that fills a large screen well for UI designer, Jan Losert. The Singe Page website features a slick load animation, a super subtle parallax effect as you start to scroll and great use of whitespace with big clean typography. Make sure you resize your browser to see the attention to detail on mobile resolution – a completely different header design. Lastly, what a lovely touch with that custom 404 page with a different photo of himself. Great to see Jan stick to the One Page format since we featured him back in 2014!

2 years passed and I'm back with my new One Page portfolio! I wanted to tell more about who I am now and uncover what kind of designs I'm aiming for while give more exposure to my store/UI Kits.

Finally, I felt like my portfolio could use a little facelift. It's fully responsive, so go and resize your browser or view it on mobile, tablet. Developed hand in hand with an amazing front-end wizard @vlafiser

Psst! Don't forget to take a look at my 404 page as well ;)
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