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  • Reviewed: November 22, 2014
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One Page Website Review


Incredible one pager promoting the now sold-out 'JSConf' event to be held next week in Buenos Aires. The One Page website features an impressive intro animation followed by the event Agenda arranged in a speaker timeline. Notable features include an interactive game in the header, an off-canvas JS terminal where you can change elements in the page and a countdown timer until the event. There is a spectacular attention to detail throughout the page. Contender for One Pager of the year for sure.
Our very first challenge was making an awesome landing page to host one of the most important development conferences in South America. We’re going to be rolling out lots of goodies before D-day, such as cool animations, fun games and a terminal for you to play with! The best part of all was that we got to work really close with 3 of the best designers of all time @Alejandro Vizio @Sofía Andrade - who happen to be part of our team! Apart from ending up with an amazing illustration + landing page we worked got to collaborate a lot… and I think that was the best part of this whole project.
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Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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