Keep Portland Weird

Wonderfully fun One Pager having a laugh at the items we’ll need to “keep Portland weird” if there ever was an earthquake. One of those sites debatable if it’s a true One Pager but the transitions are just gorgeous and absolutely seamless. Excellent work by the Oblio team.

After the earthquake hits and Portland is reduced to โ€œtoast,โ€ how will we keep the Portland spirit alive? Preparation.

In August 2015 we had our first set of interns come work with us in Oblio's Portland office. We werenโ€™t completely sure what the internship was going to entail, but we knew we wanted to take a project from start to finish with them. Whelp, here it is.

The New Yorker released a pretty scary article (which you can read here) a few weeks before the internship began and everyone was freaking out, so we thought it might be a good subject matter to explore. We briefly discussed creating something that was actually informative, but decided weโ€™d prefer to have a little bit of fun. The earthquake may take away our electricity, but it will never take away our eccentricity!
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