Life Fitness at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

‘Life Fitness’ has created a dazzling One Page campaign to promote their brand at the upcoming Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. This parallax scrolling One Pager is packed with rich imagery including a few neat hotspot interactive infographics. Read the write-up below to learn more on the build. Huge effort, congrats.

Along with the obvious technical difficulties we were also faced with catering for the Russian language in the design and build and the unforeseen issue of a Russian browser - Yandex which did not behave in the way we expected a Webkit browser to meaning after V1 of the site was built, taking it apart and rebuilding for this. Another issue was making the parallax scrolling effects responsive (down to tablet) and the general load of site as there is so much going on we learnt a lot about page load optimisation. There are various hidden sections to explore including hotspots on the featured products, video demos of products, the X-Ray woman and a lot more so take your time on it!
Typefaces Proxima Nova
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