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  • Reviewed: May 26, 2014
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One Page Website Review

Lightfoot & Wolfville

Responsive landing page with the popular off-canvas navigation menu for 'Lightfoot & Wolfville' vineyards. The long parallax scrolling one pager features some beautiful imagery and a lovely blend of typography. Really like how they offer an audio introduction by a wine consultant.
Lightfoot & Wolfville’s first website was designed and developed so they could begin sharing their story while they continue to prepare for their official opening in 2016. The L&W team are romantic storytellers by nature and it was important to us that the website design and experience reflected this. We decided on a fluid slide scrolling website that guides users through each section, as if telling a story. Their biodynamic practice inspired a living website, including pulsing elements to indicate image captions, location coordinates, an audio message, and an expanding wine fact card. The most challenging attributes were ensuring the slides stick to the screen as the content scrolls up and over it, and the fully functional logo-explosion effect which highlights the logo’s element. An even larger challenge was ensuring all animations work nicely together while still maintaining 60FPS in all browsers.
Categories: Landing Page Product
Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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