Mapping Place Pins

Pinterest take us on a behind-the-scenes look at how they build products at Pinterest. This is a great reference for any business building an online product together as a team and in this example they show us how they shipped their new Map/Pin/Place feature. Lovely touch with the contour background and the feature where you roll over a paragraph and the user that wrote the copy gets highlighted in the sticky header. What gets this listing in the ‘Most Loved’ category is the well thought out arrangement of a lot of content (that adapts perfectly down to mobile) and those x-factors I just mentioned. Stellar job Pinterest!

This website has unfortunately been redesigned or gone offline, so I have removed the direct link to it. The screenshot below hopefully preserved enough of the design but if you are really keen to inspect further, try this link. FYI: the site was first featured on 24 December 2013.