Mapping Place Pins

Pinterest take us on a behind-the-scenes look at how they build products at Pinterest. This is a great reference for any business building an online product together as a team and in this example they show us how they shipped their new Map/Pin/Place feature. Lovely touch with the contour background and the feature where you roll over a paragraph and the user that wrote the copy gets highlighted in the sticky header. What gets this listing in the ‘Most Loved’ category is the well thought out arrangement of a lot of content (that adapts perfectly down to mobile) and those x-factors I just mentioned. Stellar job Pinterest!

Over the past year, we noticed more and more people were using Pinterest to plan trips and collect their favorite places around the world. We decided we wanted to make that process better through Place Pins, which let you add a map to any of your boards.

To help people learn more about how we work at Pinterest, we wanted to share the story behind Place Pins. Building a location-based product is a huge undertaking that can take many years to get right, and we wanted to make something that was beautiful, useful and different from other products right out of the gate. A small team of engineers and designers set out to figure out how we could accomplish this. Weโ€™re still planning to add lots more to the product, but weโ€™re proud of what weโ€™ve done so far.
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