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Landing Page Design Tips 🖌 these 10 tips form the most common feedback I give users wanting to improve their Landing Page design.

Momentum One Page HTML Template

‘Momentum’ is a beautiful One Page HTML template with great use of whitespace and a lovely blend of typography. The responsive template is perfect for portfolios but also comes with a “personal” version including several header options – man it’s crazy what $15 can get you nowadays. One of the better looking One Page templates I’ve seen in a while!

Momentum is a simple and effective one page template for agencies and freelancers. It is simple to make sure you can show your portfolio and services without loosing the attention of visitors. It includes different introduction versions and comes with an alternative version where traditional columns are used instead of the sliders.

Momentum includes a working AJAX / PHP contact form and has an almost hidden promo feature in the footer area to give your customers a discount on their new projects.

This template is built on a foundation of clean HTML5 and CSS3 code and simple and effective design.
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