Movement of Data

Impressive horizontal parallax scrolling One Pager demonstrating how data flows from one computer to another, in this example sending an email. The illustration-filled One Pager utilizes Skrollr to animate the HTML elements based on the user scroll status. Such good added value as well in those informational hotspots throughout the page. According to their research 3.4 million emails are sent per second in the world! And finally it’s great to see that this big interactive infographic (in One Page) is brought to us by Akita, a London-based IT Support and cloud services provider. I just love seeing informational One Page website marketing. Smart.

We made it using Skrollr, to animate properties of HTML elements on the page based on how far the user would scroll. We used the animation properties to animate an SVG path - i.e. the lines that show how data flows through the various cables from your home or office to the server that it eventually ends up at. And we used custom illustrations from our graphic designer and animated some of the elements as GIFs too. This project also uses multiple CSS3 effects, and is mobile and tablet friendly (though smaller screens may struggle to have the same experience as desktop)
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