Nestlé Shop Wien

by Kerstin Kuehne

One Page website for the Nestlé shop located in Vienna, Austria. Interesting to hear Nestlé actually asked for Tumblr as the CMS! Two noteworthy features are the neat hover animations on the thin-line icons and how they spiced up the Impressum pop up to match the website header/store theme. Thanks for the build notes Kerstin.

Nestlé asked for a simple presentation of their bricks-and-mortar shop in Vienna. Interesting twist of the project: Tumblr, in this case, was Nestlé's CMS of choice. I had never used Tumblr to set up a CMS before and I very much enjoyed this premiere: Tumblr's system is really logical and easy to use. I wouldn't set up a big project on there, but Tumblr is a great choice for smaller-scale projects with just a couple of elements that need regular updates. On one hand I made use of Tumblr's custom meta tags, on the other hand I used Tumblr's photo post block for the "Deal of the Week".
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Yo! Podcast #001 🎙
Yo! Podcast #001 🎙
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