Beautiful intro illustration in this One Pager for creative studio, Nitrografix. Also incredible to see the progression of the brand characters (fox and owl) since I featured them back in 2013. Cheers for the awesome build notes!

The illustration was the primary pain-point design wise, i had to tell a story! Illustration is not my primary skill so it took me quite some time and iterations to come up with something that i was satisfied with. As you can see on the old Nitrografix website which is on OPL i wanted to keep the storytelling around the forest, the fox and the owl... and at the same time i wanted to push something more crafted to show that the brand evolved into something more mature, more modern.

My colleague (the developer) is also proud of his craftsmanship despite being a backend developer, he couldn't ship something that wasn't fully RWD, compliant with google audit (99/100 on performance), with optimized load-time despite a huge illustration (84/100 on pingdom - the whole page is 194kb to load)
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