Nizar Mahmoud

One Pager for full stack web and app developer, Nizar Mahmoud. Couple minor design issues but like how he has pushed for playfulness with the interactive dot background making the portfolio remarkable.

After changing many designs, I had this idea for a logo. I usually create the logo first and then base the design off of it. So I had the testimonials done after 2 days along with the footer and the menu. I had to draw these on paper since was at school during the day when those ideas hit me.

It took me about a month to figure out how to list the projects and have a view of them for the user. I, of course, had to use the logo's theme and base it off of it. So I did, eventually, drawing stuff every day on paper, I stumbled upon just what I needed. A good design, at least something I was finally satisfied with.

Hoping to have some more uptime on the website, I had to add those animations in order to keep the visitor engaged. And ever since, I design my websites as if I'm a kid. I make it vivid, active, and playful; I always aim, though, for quite a useful interaction. Keep it simple and minimal.
Categories Portfolio
Typefaces Montserrat Nunito
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