Long scrolling One Pager showcasing the photography of explorer Jan Erik Waider. Interesting 1320px fixed width on bigger screens, would love to see this much wider but definitely a method to save development time. Thanks for such great build notes Jan!

This is a One Page website that tells the story about the work and motivation of Landscape & Travel Photographer Jan Erik Waider in a very emotional way โ€“ primarily using big photos and only little text with unobtrusive animations and a lot of image slider elements. The story is told in a linear way from top to bottom, beginning with an elegant full screen slider, featuring some of his most impressive work to get the user's attention. The following "About me" section is structured into a short introduction, which can be expanded for more information. The most focus on detail went into designing the "Clients & Work" section, which is basically the heart of the page, followed by a list of his photography services and contact information with an Instagram feed. โ€“ The website was build from scratch and is not based on a commercial template. Make sure to also check out the mobile version of the website for some inspirational elements.
Categories Photography
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