Impressive parallax scrolling Landing Page promoting the new ‘Oak’ range of vodka by Absolut. Thanks for the great build notes.

This website was featured in our 10 Quick Tips to tighten your Landing Page design article.

The framing of the website creates a visual concept that allows the content to be in focus, but also creates an environment for it to live in. It contributes to the userโ€™s curiosity and encourages continuing the scroll. Furthermore, the three nuances of black gives the feeling of going deeper into the dark; there is less light the further you go. We go from light to medium to dark.

By having a section for Process, Taste and Mixing, we can lead the user through three separate universes and make one understand how the product ecosystem works. It allows us to make small universes within the product and "brandโ€ each part of the product. The sections will hold the users attention since new things are happening as you scroll. Variation is the key.

The smaller image sizes make it possible to use different effects and give the impression of dust or smoke coming out of the image. This results in a livelier site and adds more depth to the experience.
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