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SIXWATS One Page HTML Template

Supview are back, this time with a gorgeous minimal One Page template titled ‘SIXWATS’. $14 gets you a fully responsive template with a beautiful use of whitespace. Other features include subtle parallax scrolling, slick AJAX loading project items, lovely load transitions and an Instagram Feed that actually refreshes with new images while you are browsing – lovely touch that. This One Page template could be used for any digital agency or even your own personal site. Don’t forget to check out the demo view options where you can switch between Team or Single Person and then Standard Image Header or Video Background. A solid template.

SIXWATS is An Easy To Use Single Page Template. It’s a awesome Clean, Minimal and Elegant HTML5 / CSS3 One Page with crisp features ! This template has been designed for presenting a Personal Website or would be perfect for an Agency It could be also used for a Photography showcase. This theme is very easy to customize and well detailed for beginners, there’s not full of useless thing that you’ll probably delete once downloaded !
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Rob Hope

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