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St. Louis Browns Historical Society

Gorgeous AJAX loading One Pager for ‘St. Louis Browns Historical Society’. The site walks visitors through the team’s history and features biographies of the players, including their stats, in an effort to create interest in the team and increase membership in the Society. The attention to detail in the design and load transitions are simply stunning. What a nice touch with the baseball diamond themed preloader as well. Big effort here by HLK Agency and it really shines though in the end result.

St. Louis is consistently named as one of the best cities for sports fans, and HLK is known for creating digital experiences that tell an authentic brand story. That’s why it was an honor for the agency to work with the St. Louis Browns Historical Society to develop a new website that preserves the story and legacy of a team known not for their stellar franchise record, but for their colorful history. The phrase “St. Louis, first in shoes, first in booze, and last in the American League,” became a popular way to describe the St. Louis Browns due to the team’s 44 losing seasons, 36 of which placed the team in sixth or worse place. The St. Louis Browns Historical Society and HLK held a launch event for the new website at The Tiny Bar, a new 12-seat venue that serves high-end beverages and is host to a large St. Louis Browns mural that prominently features the Browns’ smallest player, Eddie Gaedel. As part of a 1951 promotional stunt, the 3 foot 7 inch Gaedel was brought in as a pinch hitter.
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