Turing Inc.

One Pager for Turing Inc. that seems simple at first but once you dive in it provides look-ups for medical procedures, costs and even equipment. The forms have slick error handling too with subtle shakes and color changes. Cheers for the detailed build notes and sample input codes Pero!

Users can look-up the costs associated with Skilled Nursing Facilities by navigating to Medicare > Part A SNF Pricer (sample input => ZIP Code: 60611)

In addition, users can navigate to the search page to perform a search for text that appears in procedure code descriptions, Medicare > HCPCS Search Engine.

Once the above search is complete, the blue text in the search results will reveal a tooltip on mouse hover/click indicating the meaning of the code. If the code is covered by Medicare, users can navigate to the Fee-For-Service page to look-up the cost associated with the procedure code, Medicare > Part B Fee For Service (sample input => Procedure Code: E0116, ZIP Code: 60611)

If the search result is for Durable Medical Equipment, users can look-up any medically unlikely edits here, Medicare > NCCI's MUEs for DME (sample input => Procedure Code: E0116)

Other fun items:
    • - The pages listed above are modal dialogs which maintain the bounce effect (when scrolling to the very top or very bottom of the page) on iOS devices. This is interesting because modal dialogs can be tricky on iOS devices.
    • - On the main page, users can click (or tap on mobile) the particles to add more particles.
    • - The website passes the W3C validator test with no errors or warnings.
    • - The site coalesces all JS and CSS files, there is only 1 CSS file and 1 JS file listed in the markup for production.
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