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Responsive AJAX loading One Page portfolio for interactive designer Tyler Somers featuring a lovely icon wallpaper pattern in the header and footer. Cheers for the detailed notes on the build Tyler…

The website utilizes a jQuery load to keep from ever refreshing the page. This was definitely the most challenging part of working on the site, and I think I nailed it. This allows a simple navigation from one project to another without loading extra content. I wanted it to feel just like a traditional one page site with multiple interaction points included. This concept is also used in the top section where you can navigate to my about and contact information.

I kept in mind a lot of current standards such as being responsive. The site has 4 media queries; mobile, tablet, desktop, and oversized. Oversized is something that I have never considered before and is create for screens with a width larger than 1500px. The site also utilizes HTML5, CSS3 transitions, SVG icons, and more.
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Yo! Podcast #001 ๐ŸŽ™
Yo! Podcast #001 ๐ŸŽ™
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