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  • Reviewed: February 17, 2014
  • Template? No, this is a custom built website
  • Built by: Jeff King
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One Page Website Review

Jeff King

Responsive one page portfolio for digital designer Jeff King from Bristol. The site has it's merits but not feeling the text arrangement on portfolio slider - there needs to be some sort of subtle dark overlay on the background imagery so the project text doesn't clash as much.
I'm a Digital Designer from Bristol, UK specializing in UI and UX design for apps and the web. I’ve worked with a multitude of clients, from small tech startups through to global brands. I have helped them shape their ideas, create engaging interfaces and define seamless user experiences.
Categories: Portfolio
Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

I started One Page Love back in 2008. It's come a long way but I want to keeping adding value to your experience. Please tweet or email me with any questions or suggestions.