UI Components

A curated collection of 159 well designed or interesting user interface (UI) components in webpages. Each component is captured in full HD and links to the original page source.

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Loads to love here. On the UX front; the expansion of the arrows on hover and the subtle bounce animation on the cards. On the content front; highlighted takeaway up top, good avatars, their company positions plus brand logos for a bonus visual reminder.

Mike's Liftoff Course bio is strengthened with testimonials below all using his first name. Also love touch with signature and social media icons.

Fun puzzle 404 page for Mercury Banking. Nice touch in the copy saying you are lost, either settle into the game or head home. h/t @ridd_design

Useful sticky, color-scheme-switcher menu that appears as you scroll through the demo section of the Squiggel 3D vector pack. Also lovely splash of glassmorphism on the nav too.

Cone is a color picker app for iPhone. The Landing Page features a minimal device with an animated picker identifying the colors within the actual page background image.

Fun, interactive experience scrolling through the book chapter summaries.

Classy move by Bruno adding a call us prompt if one of their pricing tiers doesn't match the potential customers needs.

A simple looping arrow animation, along with a hand-drawn "replaces" note detailing what this step eliminates in your software stack, makes for a strong Docspo how it works section.

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