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Cone is a color picker app for iPhone. The Landing Page features a minimal device with an animated picker identifying the colors within the actual page background image.

Fun, interactive experience scrolling through the book chapter summaries.

Classy move by Bruno adding a call us prompt if one of their pricing tiers doesn't match the potential customers needs.

A simple looping arrow animation, along with a hand-drawn "replaces" note detailing what this step eliminates in your software stack, makes for a strong Docspo how it works section.

Bit of a footer Easter Egg, detailing the device view you are currently hovering.

Fresh roadmap design by Nike Swoosh with gradient-infused, month columns to create hype.

Brilliant how-it-works section that animates the Alfread feature blocks as you scroll down the page.

The team members are fixed position to page edge, and central member - at a lower z-index - for smooth overlapping on small screens. Brilliant. See demo here.

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