Unshared Tweets

Unique One Pager that displays user submitted but anonymous tweets in the form of random blocks/tiles. The aim of the site is to bring attention to an upcoming play called ‘Matteuspassionen’ that they promote halfway down the page.

On Unsharedtweets.com we post tweets that normally never get shared โ€“ stories we all have, but are reluctant to talk about. In the Swedish Folk Operaโ€™s version of St Matthew Passion, the traditional story of Jesus Christ has been replaced by real life stories of seven people. The performers are speaking openly about personal life events that most people only share with family and close friends.

When the play is running we will post daily anonymous tweets from the website via our Twitter @folkoperan. The Folk Opera has also asked the Swedish people what they are least likely to share on social media.
Categories Event Experimental
Typefaces Futura
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