Experimental and arty One Pager by long time OPL reader, Robert Fraher. It’s great to see users create fun digital experiments in One Page. Make sure you have your headphones on and other music off. Robert is actually a Web Design lecturer and introduces his new students to OPL. It’s much appreciated Bert and stoked to see you experimenting with these One Page digital playgrounds that inspire your students.

As someone who teaches Web design, I recently became uncomfortable with the predictability I perceived in my studentsโ€™ work. In response, I created this site, which deliberately contradicts several accepted best practices for commercial Web design, as a way to expand my discussions with students. The siteโ€™s responsiveness is handled by a custom CSS and JavaScript architecture that manages element layout both horizontally and vertically. The parallax background animation was created in Processing and ported to the browser with Processing.js. NOTE: The audio synching is best in Firefox.
Categories Experimental
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