Super long One Pager for NY-based design and development studio, Varsity. I know a lot of readers don’t agree with this kind of layout (especially on bandwidth limited connections) but I think this is a good, clear way to showcase your work via huge images. As you scroll you can really submerge yourself in their work without any distractions or having to click anything.

Varsity is a design and development studio led by Eli Rousso. We work exclusively with New York City startups. We could go on about how we love to collaborate with our clients, or how our approach and process are influenced by our experiences working at some of the best agencies or best startups in the worldโ€” but at the end of the day really we like to think of Varsity as just a few guys jaming out in a little studio with a few desks, a palm tree standing in the corner, trying our damn best to make great work happen.
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