Outerspace themed One Pager for digital agency Vissio from Timisoara, Romania. The imagery on the site doesn’t really accommodate a bigger screen but looks great on standard setups. Take particular note to the AJAX loading project section – very slick manner in which the sub-items load up. Also a shout out to the well done “Project Planner” quote form.

VISSIO is a highly dedicated web design & development team from Timisoara. We handle webdesign, coding, graphic design, identity and print design services. We recently had a go at redesigning our old website and translating it into something more modern, that fits in with our current image and goals.

The outer space theme is dear to us and was present on the previous website; we're ambitious, hard-working people, we aim for the best possible results and believe in ourselves. There were challenges in implementing all of our ideas, as we kept coming up with new ones, and the webpage grew in complexity.

We compressed everything into a single page layout, but there's a plan to expand the whole website later on, as time in between client work allows. Also, we're still working on many of the responsive features, but it's all going to happen in the near future.
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