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Date featured: January 10, 2014
Template? No, this is a unique design
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Warby Parker 2013 Annual Report

Unique take on an annual report by Warby Parker for their 2013 year. Users can browse the annual report like a calendar, or hit the randomizer button to land on a surprise day. Nice touch with the zoom effect and also on first visit the site showcases what happened exactly a year ago on that date. The keyboard browsing is useful too, I can imagine any fan of the brand could get lost for hours in this one pager. They've done a great job arranging a ton of content, especially utilizing the 'depth' feature well to give a zoomed-out overview on a busy year.
A year is a long time in the life of a young company. When we released our first-of-its-kind Annual Report in 2011, the idea was to throw open the doors and share the who, what, when, where, and why of our business—everything from the number of monocles sold to the breakdown of bagels consumed during our weekly morning meetings. In 2012, we amplified the Report with more stats and infographics than you could shake a stick at.

This time, we’re doing something different. Our 2013 Annual Report lays out all 365 days of the year behind us—each and every one. We’ve formatted it like a historical digest, and we’re calling it On This Day in Warby Parker History.

Among other morsels, you’ll find out...
What was the best outfit at our Black Tie party?
How many stores did we open?
Which Warby Parker frame made a cameo in a Jay Z video?
…and 358 other installments of backstage information. It’s illustrated (and interactive), too.
Categories: Annual Report

About this review: This is a unique custom design and not a website template or theme. Here is our collection of One Page templates.

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