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  • Reviewed: November 19, 2013 by Rob Hope
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What’s Right for Children?

Responsive One Page campaign to bring awareness to a health system designed for kids. One stand out feature is the infographic further down with a map that assembles as you switch between regions, very impressive.

Children's National Health System is a challenger brand for children's medicine in The District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and beyond. As with any challenger in a marketplace, it was important to make Children's stand out from the crowd.

  To support the health system's multimedia brand campaign a dynamic microsite to payoff the health system's "champion" position was developed. Because out-of-home advertising was a major component of the campaign, a responsive site design that presents Children's unique story across multiple devices and contexts was created.

  Since the Children's "champion" position is faceted and sophisticated, it was important their story be clearly explained. The website needed to tell the entire Children's story, but it also needed to deliver an experience that elicits emotion. By presenting the content in a compelling way that resonates with parents and caregivers, Children's National Health System was able to close the loop in a truly unique way.
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