Where Should You Publish?

‘Where Should You Publish?’ is a simple but useful tool to help authors compare pricing on a few of the more popular self-publishing sites. The content in the One Pager is responsive and very clearly legible all the way down to mobile. Just love seeing this type of marketing – providing something useful and promoting your service at the end. Thank you for the detail in the build notes below.

The biggest challenge was thinking through how to present all the complicated pricing options in a simple way that would be easy to play with and easily compare the results while making sure everything was clear. Everything is responsive also so that authors could easily compare from any device with a browser. All the graphics are SVG - resolution independence baby! And used Typekit for webfonts. Included the typekit async script along with the rest of the scripts inside one main script file to consolidate everything and try to keep the performance hit low. Used CSS3 keyframes and a script timeout for the initial animation and font fade in. The fade in of the text was mainly to handle the flash of un-rendered text in some browsers.
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