The World Series of Sales 2019

Neat lens flare intro animation in this dark-schemed One Pager for the 2019 World Series of Sales event.

The purpose of this site is to inform our clients of our biggest event of the year, The World Series of Sales! It's an event meant to celebrate hard work from the year before and inspire and encourage our clients as they jump into the new year. This year's theme "Believe" was focused around the idea of helping remind our clients to believe in why they started their business and recast the vision for their future. The theme was visually represented in a colorful, theatrical way reminiscent of The Greatest Showman. The challenge of the design came in trying to design a seamless feel as you scroll โ€“ not dividing into hard, clear sections, but allowing each new section to feel new, yet still part of the whole as you scroll. It was a fun and unique challenge to pull the theme all the way through and create an experience that inspires the same excitement and awe as the event itself.
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