Strikingly Review – Build a One Page website online

Published by @RobHope in Reviews on 30 May 2016

Back in 2012 Strikingly launched actually as a One Page website builder but over time re-angled to more a mobile-friendly website builder with the option of additional pages and blogs.

Around the launch time co-founder David Chen actually mailed me asking for feedback and I helped test a little. The builder was still basic then and it’s come a long way.

The moment when Strikingly became a big player was when Marketing guru, Seth Godin, quoted:

I started using this tool and it turns out itโ€™s a simple web development tool that is all plug and play… It’s hard for me to imagine a website being ten times more beautiful than what you can build with Strikingly.

Neat Strikingly features

The team at Strikingly are continuously improving the platform, these are a few feature highlights:

  • Unsplash integration – in your background and image editor you’ll now find the full catalog of Unsplash’s free images.
  • Facebook integration – Turn your Facebook Page into a Free Website in seconds.
  • LinkedIn integration – Create an online CV instantly with your LinkedIn info.
  • Simple Store – Sell products on your site with full e-commerce functionality. They also don’t take a cut of the transaction fee.
  • Simple Blog – Become pro-active and talk about your idea or personal brand.

So what does Strikingly cost?

There is a free option if you are happy with Strikingly branding and a domain name. This is a good way to test the platform and decide if you’re happy with the quality and level of service. Then it goes up to a $12 and $20 per month pricing tier. Each with good added value including stores to sell your goods.


Create a One Pager with Strikingly

Yup, Strikingly are committed to providing a solid website building platform for anyone, especially if you have no coding skills. Why not give them a go for your next idea.

With no code or design experience at all, you can set up a quality site in less than 30 minutes. Your site will look great on your smartphones, tablets, and computers.


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