Unique centrally-divided One Pager listing the items owned by Italian designer/developers Mattia Compagnucci and Manuel Moreale. The Singe Page website is an exercise in minimalism to become more accountable for the things you own. Each week they feature an item they own, explaining why it’s important to them but at the same time they try get rid of an item too. Nice use of the .it domain.

This was a fun one. Mattia has designed this simple 2 columns layout with a hidden about section and I had the pleasure to code it on top of the awesome Kirby CMS. To get the photos to align properly was quite tricky but Kirby is flexible enough when it comes to handle content and flexbox is awesome! Iโ€™m quite pleased with the final result.
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Mubs and I rap about football, MVPs and side-projects.
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PH Maker of the Year Mubs is the latest Yo! Podcast guest.