Appreciate the helpful tone in this One Pager for Flushing Blueprint (built with WordPress), specialist NY printers who have been around for over 90 years! Good reference to how the Landing Page directs the visitor to a file upload CTA button, that then triggers a bigger form. Whereas having the full form loaded at first could seem overwhelming. This was also brilliant to learn about the build “One of my favorite elements is the map background toward the bottom of the pageโ€”it’s actually taken from a map of Flushing that the company had in their basement that dates back to the early 1900s!”.

This website has unfortunately been redesigned or gone offline, so I have removed the direct link to it. However we have preserved an HTML version here, as well as the full Retina screenshot below. Hope these still serve some good inspiration! FYI: the site was first featured on 03 September 2021.