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  • Published: January 14, 2014
  • Category: Blog
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Introducing One Page Love v5.1

I’m super excited to announce the launch of the new redesign of One Page Love.

I read every single one of your 2013 survey replies, compiled a priority list and have been working hard throughout the holidays. Instead of a massive launch in a few months (that includes all the new features) I’ve rolled out, what I like to call phase 1 of 5. Here are some of the updates since the survey:


  • Introduced a new font combo using Proxima Nova and Proxima Nova Soft (that I’m loving!)
  • Flatter design
  • Retina icons
  • Removed the sidebar completely
  • Increased big screenshot width on one page website reviews
  • Oh and OPL is now responsive!


  • We pulled all the templates out the gallery category so users can now browse unique one pagers with no templates amongst the archives if they wish
  • One Page Templates are now in their own section with template sub-categories (see the top navigation)
  • Introduced new Resources section that will now include interviews, round-ups and articles on one page website development
  • Trending/Popular lists added to header and footer
  • Added new Roadmap – an overview of what has changed since the launch in 2008


  • Completely redesigned archive thumbnails with review on hover and launch icon to link out
  • Archive thumbnail count has doubled from 6 to 12
  • One page reviews and articles now have 6 similar post recommendations (was 3)
  • New Demo Switcher on OPL themes

Bugs & Feedback

I’m still ironing out a few cross-browser bugs and a few touch screen issues but they’ll be squashed soon.

Hope you enjoy the redesign folks, I’m really happy with it and excited to show you the rest in the next upcoming months. I’ll leave you with this feedback article by one of my marketing hero’s Seth Godin.

“Genuine, useful, insightful feedback is a priceless gift”

I’m not afraid of feedback, I’m ready to embrace it and improve One Page Love. If you don’t want to make a public comment, email me on – I’d love to hear from you:)