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Mah Ze Dahr Bakery

E-commerce integrated One Pager for a new bakery called ‘Mah Ze Dahr’. The responsive adaption spans a big screen well and works great on mobile. The One Page website is filled with gorgeous images of the food – each with additional info in an overlay modal including commerce functionality like add-to-cart. Great to have another E-commerce One Page website added to the collection.

Mah Ze Dahr, a new bakery from chef Umber Ahmad, sells heavenly culinary concoctions like cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, and dark chocolate explosion cookies. So of course we couldn't turn down an opportunity to create an e-commerce website for such a delicious brand. We wanted to create an experience as immersive and sensory as the journey of chef Ahmad's baked goods, so we started with large-scale, tasty photography. A simple shopping experience further focuses users on the high quality of her mouthwatering goods. The navigation scheme we built moves in three directions: up and down to scroll between sections, side to side to scroll within a section, and forward (in the form of pop-ups) to dive into details. It's fluid, intuitive, and unique. Most third party e-commerce platforms are rigid and highly templated, limiting design freedom, functionality, or both. So we decided to build a custom e-commerce back-end that would fully integrate with the website's content management system. Now, our client can fully manage all of the public-facing content, like the blog and photography, along with all of her business content, like inventory and orders, from one place. We also fully integrated the system with FedEx and USPS to make shipping those Dark Chocolate Explosion cookies that much easier.
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