February 12, 2015 - Journal

OPL Reader Survey 2014 – Results

Monument-Valley-LabyrinthThank you for the incredible feedback. I’m truly grateful and especially for the long feedback in the last question when I asked how OPL could improve.

Overall everyone is happy with OPL. There were recurring comments on OPL needing better filters/search, more interviews and more resources on building One Pagers.

Congrats to Sankara Narayanan from Chennai, India on winning the Monument Valley print. He chose the ‘Labyrinth‘ print pictured left. Excellent choice Sankar – the print is on it’s way.

I’m continuously trying to keep things super transparent on OPL so here are all the results below if you are interested. Thanks again for the feedback, I’m on it!

How would you best describe yourself?

  • Designer & Developer 46%
  • Designer 31%
  • Developer 13%
  • Project Manager in charge of a team 5%
  • Other 4%
  • No technical skills, just a lover of One Page websites 1%

How many One Page websites have you been involved in creating?

  • The average is 7 – impressive!

How do you follow One Page Love content? 

  • Visit onepagelove.com 86%
  • Newsletter 24%
  • Twitter 14%
  • RSS Feed 10%
  • Facebook 9%
  • Pinterest 2%
  • Ello 1%
  • Google+ 1%

How often do you visit the onepagelove.com website?

  • A few times a week 27%
  • Every day  16%
  • Once a month  16%
  • Once every  15%
  • Once a week 10%
  • A few times a year only 8%
  • A few times a day 7%

How would you rate the quality of the content we post on One Page Love?

  • Great 44%
  • Excellent 30%
  • Good 23%
  • Average 2%

How do you feel about the amount of One Page website templates we review?

  • I’m fine with the amount 79%
  • Too many templates 14%
  • Too little templates 7%

Which of the following features would you like to see added to One Page Love?

  • Tutorials on One Page Website Development 57%
  • Interviews with One Page Designers & Developers 41%
  • Roundups eg. 20 Unique One Page Portfolios 33%
  • Advanced Search & Filter 30%
  • Job Board  25%
  • Designer and Developer Directory eg. Find a designer  25%
  • Reviews on new One Page Builders & Applications  21%
  • A Premium Review Service eg. submit a link and get a detailed analysis of your design and development with feedback and tips 18%
  • Premium Online Courses on One Page Website Development 16%

If you receive our Newsletter every 2-3 weeks, what are your general thoughts?

  • I enjoy them 47%
  • I’d rather receive the newsletter monthly  18%
  • I’d rather receive the newsletter weekly 13%

Just say we introduced Pro member accounts on One Page Love and these included incentives like removing advertising, free priority submissions, free job board ads, premium listings on the member directory & more. How much would you be willing to pay for this?

  • I’m not really interested in a Pro account with these incentives 73%
  • Sounds kinda interesting but I’d pay maximum $19 per year 19%
  • This is nice, I’d be willing to pay roughly $29 per year 6%
  • This has great value and I’d pay up to $49 per year 2%

Would you ever attend a One Page Love meet-up or talk if it came to your town or city?

  • Yeah! 59%
  • Maybe 28%
  • Not for me 13%