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Sugarfire Pie

Retro-style One Pager for pie specialist bakery, Sugarfire Pie. The Singe Page website features a few neat elements that add personality to the brand. Good to know it’s built on WordPress and cheers Brevity team for the build notes.

The Sugarfire Pie One Page site was built with love and some fun details that bring out the personality of the shop. A variety of elements on the page are enhanced with SVG animations, including the clock in the hero section that actually "tells time" as you scroll (unless you're in Firefox, sorry), the pie menu sections that have a handful of details all their own, the catering & tour badges, as well as the oh-so-subtle flickering neon lights. The site also features an off-canvas navigation that displays articles from local and national press.

Sugarfire Pie is the bakery sister to the St. Louis, MO favorite, Sugarfire Smokehouse. Featuring seasonal pies, the shop also has a smoked chocolate chip cookie, pie cakes, stack pies, cobblers, hand pies, bourbon balls, and anything pie.
Categories: Restaurant
Rob Hope

This original One Page website was reviewed by Rob Hope

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