More Team Section Examples

Consistent card layout with member left and titles top-right, organized into a neat grid layout.

Square One have divided their team section into Family (co-founders) and Friends (devs, designers & subcontractors).

The team members are fixed position to page edge, and central member - at a lower z-index - for smooth overlapping on small screens. Brilliant. See demo here.

Really appreciate the extra effort illustrating all the team members. Everyone is so well presented and even includes their fav quote + team nickname on hover.

Look at these happy docs, a team section that makes you feel they really care (and love what they do).

You get a good feel for the team work environment within the shape slider.

Lovely touch with the casual and business mode slider. A client wants to feel the team they're potentially hiring will be approachable during the process and this eases those concerns.

Lovely touch adding member signatures in a note styled team section. I captured this years ago and unfortunately it's no longer online. Glad it's safely preserved now.