The Dann Petty Interview

Published by Rob Hope in Interviews, on 28 Mar 2024

Meet Dann Petty – a freelance designer, educator, event host and prolific maker with a big portfolio of side projects.

I have featured several of Dann’s One Page websites in the past so it was rad to have a chat with him.

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Dann’s energy is infectious and you can just see he is having so much fun with his work.

We chat about freelancing, what it takes to say yes or no to opportunities, his favorite client gift, the creative process behind his fun tech ads, and I put Dann on the spot to design a freelance portfolio from scratch.

YouTube-linked topics:

• Yo! Returns (00:00)
• The Right Hander (00:56)
• Intermission: No Context (01:52)
• Design Full-Time (05:20)
• Sponsor: Webflow (06:02)
• Creating Courses (08:12)
• Rob from the Edit (09:35)
• Yes or No (10:58)
• Design Commercials (12:41)
• Cameo: Yo! Rogie King (S3E2) (18:12)
• Dreaming of Snow (18:46)
• Inspiration (20:06)
• Intermission: Overrated, Underrated (21:09)
• YouTube vs Twitter (22:57)
• Outsourcing Video (26:54)
• Cameo: Yo! Grace Walker (S3E3) (28:32)
• How to Design a Portfolio (29:35)
• Anxiety (32:11)
• “Can I get a health talk” (34:09)
• How much is enough? (34:56)
• Where to follow Dann (37:43)
• Art is Hard. (38:47)

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