The Grace Walker Interview

Published by Rob Hope in Interviews, on 25 Apr 2024

Meet Grace Walker – an independent web designer, developer and course creator.

I have featured several of Grace’s One Page websites in the past so it was awesome to have a chat with her.

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For years she has been delivering high quality websites to her clients and has earned her a reputation as an S-tier freelancer in the Webflow community.

We delve into her new Fast Forward Freelance course, the tech stack behind it, the transparency behind her Twitter annual reports and we get creative with a fun case-study on how Grace would execute a local deli website redesign from concept to deployment.

YouTube-linked topics:

• From Calgary to Cape Town (00:00)
• Calgary: No place like home (01:03)
• Cape Town: Bucket list (02:37)
• Intermission: No Context (03:34)
• Fast Forward Freelance (05:01)
• Cohorts vs 24/7 sales (10:58)
• Sponsor: Webflow (12:50)
• Cohort promotion benefits (13:55)
• Course Tech Stack (14:25)
• Future courses? (17:45)
• Family planning (20:05)
• Cameo: Mike McAlister S3E4 (21:08)
• Transparency earning reports (21:40)
• Intermission: Overrated, Underrated (28:14)
• Minimalism vs Essentialism (29:21)
• This week at home (30:02)
• Case-study: Designing a local deli website (31:12)
• Losing control (37:15)
• Why follow Grace? (38:00)
• Carving your own path (43:19)
• Outro (45:37)
• Behind the scenes (47:02)

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