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Parallax scrolling One Pager promoting ‘Breadtop’ – a nationwide bakery franchise with over 60 stores across Australia. Minus points for the mobile adaption (text overlay on site) and the parallax effects are perhaps a bit intense but you can see that is what they’re going for. They’ve done quite a good job arranging a ton of content in the AJAX loading Products section – nice touch with the bread-slice preloader too.

Breadtop is a nationwide bakery franchise with over 60 stores across Australia, their passion for tasty and tempting buns has proven to be unchanged since their launch in 2002. Breadtop required a website to showcase their products and allow their customers to find their store locations. As Breadtop is renowned for their unique in-store experience (a culmination of award winning modern architecture and the delicious scents expected from a bakery!), our task was to bring this store experience to life on the web platform. By incorporating the elements of the retail decor with parallax functionality, we created a not only visually appealing but also highly intuitive site that fulfilled Breadtop’s project brief.
Categories: Restaurant
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