What makes a good Landing Page? One objective.

Published by Rob Hope in Landing Page Fundamentals, on 20 Jun 2023

A good Landing Page has only one objective and all the content within the page is relevant to it.

Let’s take a look at the DesignKit Landing Page sitting deep within Rafal Tomal’s main website. Every item within the page relates to the digital product he is trying to sell. Also note how he has hidden his main website navigation to prevent users wondering:

Here are a few other Landing Page objective examples:

  • Submit an email address eg. enter a competition
  • Download a free digital file eg. iPhone Wallpaper
  • Purchase a physical product eg. Book
  • Sign up to a SaaS service eg. Netflix
  • Enquire about a product or service using the provided contact details eg. a wedding photographer with email/phone number

Using every element to persuade the visitor to do one thing

Stepping into a competition use-case, the objective for the Landing Page is for a user to successfully enter the competition with their details. So the user inputs their email address, hits the CTA (call-to-action) button and booyah they are now in the database.

Take a second to imagine how the copy, images and call-to-action buttons would differ on these two Landing Pages:

🚫 Enter our competition + find holiday accommodation + we’re hiring

✅ Enter our competition

or how about these two:

🚫 Buy the iPhone 13 + discover the latest Apple TV shows

✅ Buy the iPhone 13

See the beauty of a Landing Page is the single canvas to persuade the visitor to do one thing. And a good Landing Page contains only the elements needed for the visitor to make an inform decision. Without having to ever leave the webpage.

Takeaway lesson:

  1. Set an objective for your Landing Page.
  2. Do you have items within the Landing Page that do not align with your objective?
  3. If so, remove them.

If any of this (text, images or refs) didn’t make sense, please hit me up on Twitter or email - I’m here to help. Also let me know what Landing Page areas you are struggling with and I’ll try my best to point you in the right direction:)

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