How to prevent creator burnout (Traf)

Published by Rob Hope in Interviews, on 13 Nov 2023

Taken from Yo! Podcast #021 with Traf. I have featured several of Traf’s One Page websites in the past so it was excellent to have a chat with him.



Rob: Can you recommend any content for anyone feeling overwhelmed or burnt out?

Traf: I think there’s so many books on the idea of what really matters and what doesn’t matter.

In 2015, I went through YC and built a startup in the very traditional sense. You raise money from investors. Now I’m very much on the sort of bootstrap side of things, but when I did go through it and looking back at it. The startup mentality and this mentality applies to other industries to use that everything comes with a sense of like, artificial urgency as if the world is ending tomorrow.

One byproduct of that is that it deprioritizes most people’s, mental and physical health, which ironically makes everyone less effective. I think people try and constantly sell you on things that you don’t need. I think, what do we all need more of, is like sunlight, vegetables, time with family and friends, time outdoors, working on things we enjoy that gives us meaning.

I think that the list goes on, but I think we try and convince ourselves and others convince us otherwise. And I think, the unhappiest people or the people that have the most, general non specific anxiety, are thinking too much and doing too much.

And they’re losing sight of the sort of simple joys of life.

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Traf (@traf) is a Canadian designer and digital craftsman, with an impressive portfolio of online creations. His journey skyrocketed in 2020 when his minimal iOS12 icon pack became a viral hit. He amassed a staggering six-figure sum in just six days, and has since raked in upwards of $400,000. Now paved with runway, Traf further leaned into his passions, collaborating on NFTs, forging innovative digital products and more recently launched a course on how he builds with Framer. We rap about the tech stack behind his online course, working solo and staying lean, his dedication to minimalism, creator mental health and why he’s so bullish on the potential of Framer.

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