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Online Proposal of François Martin

François Martin created this One Pager describing his collaboration with a Jewellery Artist. He then got his girlfriend (at the time) to check it out and after scrolling, became a secret marriage proposal. Congrats and thanks for the wonderful background story below!

As a lover of web design, I wanted to do something different and reflects me. I wanted to make a landing page presenting a jewellery product that I have designed with the jeweller with a custom jewel.

So I asked to my honey to check this brand new website, like I usually do, before leaving the house and going out with a friend (her friend knew that was the day!). So she looked at the website and was wondering why I did a collaboration with Adrien Moniquet, a jeweller from France, that i had previous built a website for? (this one received a OPL Award) So she scrolled down and after scrolling pixels by pixels, she was really surprised.

Once reaching the bottom of the website, there's a input for email subscribe - if the email matched the mail of my future wife, it will automatically send a mail to me and a series of friends who knew that I'll ask Jolan to marry me this day:)
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