Learn how to create impressive SVG line scrolling animations with Skrollr Workshop

Published by @RobHope in Tutorials on 7 Apr 2015

Parallax scrolling wizard, Petr Tichy, is back with a new premium online course – The Skrollr Workshop.

What exactly is Skrollr.js?

So Skrollr.js is a stand-alone parallax scrolling library for mobile (Android + iOS) and desktop. No jQuery. Just plain JavaScript. What you need to remember is that you don’t need to actually know JavaScript – just CSS and HTML – the library does the magic for you.

What does Skrollr.js look like in action?

There is no question that when Skrollr.js is integrated into a One Page website properly, the results are magical. Here are some examples of Skrollr.js in the wild:


Above is a classic Skrollr.js example in the Squarespace 7 promo page – where it starts with an animated thin line illustration that “fills” or “completes” as you scroll

What do I get for the $67?

The Skrollr Workshop premium course is a collection of step-by-step demos which will teach you:

  • How to create, export, optimize and embed SVG
  • How to use Skrollr to create SVG scrolling animation
  • How to create a fullscreen layout for cross-fade effect
  • How to speed up your Sublime Text workflow
  • and much more including more than 3 hours of video tutorials, accompanied by downloadable demo files so you can follow every step along the way!

Don’t forget there is lifetime access to the course and the beauty of online learning is you can learn at your own pace.

Skrollr Combo $97

The Skrollr Workshop is the perfect follow-up to the Parallax Scrolling Master Class we featured last year. You can grab them both for $97 in the standard Skrollr Combo package.

Good luck, can’t wait to see what you build!

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