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8 Reasons why One Page Love hosts with WordPress specialists, WP Engine

opl-thumbnail-wp-engine-8-reasonsThis weeks featured advertiser is WordPress hosting specialists, WP Engine.

They decided to do things differently and asked me to list exactly why I chose them to host the One Page Love website.

There are many reasons but I kept the list to 8:

1 – Unlimited Bandwidth

One Page Love users burn 36.2GB of bandwidth per day! Yup, that’s over 1TB per month and WP Engine don’t charge us anything for bandwidth. Zero, zip, ziltch…


2 – On-Demand Backups and Restore Points

Whenever I update a WordPress plugin I always make a quick on-demand backup first. If you forget, don’t you worry old boy:


You won’t believe how easy it is to restore when your 3rd party plugin messes something up. I’m talking 2-clicks in the WP Engine user dashboard and perfectly back to normal. You can also name your backups to remember why you backed up:


Also if you have a big WordPress install, WP Engine kindly email you when it’s ready. One Page Love, with 5k posts, takes roughly 18 seconds:


It’s probably worth adding here that WP Engine do the courtesy of a daily backup for you. This means if you run into trouble at least you can “roll back” your website within the last 24hrs.

3. WordPress Auto-Updates

When a new version of WordPress is ready, WP Engine will upgrade your WordPress with good warning beforehand. This helps ensure you don’t get “hacked” with older WordPress code that becomes more vulnerable over time.


This feature is such a lifesaver if you travel. I was offline once for 2 days and they rolled out a quick WordPress update when an serious vulnerability was spotted and a safe security patch was released. I’ll add here too that they always backup your site just before the auto-upgrades to play it super safe – dig that.

4 – Uptime

There is no such thing as 100% uptime in any hosting business… but you get pretty damn close. Here is our stats over the past 30 days taken from our Pingdom dashboard. That’s how WP Engine has been handling our 10k visitors per day.


5 – Speed

I just love how fast One Page Love loads. You can browse archives easily and those long Single Page screenshots handle so well on the single reviews. When you dig behind the scenes, WP Engine have their own “caching” system and images (+ CSS files, JS files) are delivered with a bad-ass CDN. Again, stuff I’m stoked I don’t have to deal with. This is what they say:

The WP Engine EverCache system is also part of our “secret sauce,” and is often referenced as the most specialised server software linked with the internals of WordPress. EverCache serves common pages (such as home pages and feeds), on average, 4-6 times faster, than other, non-WP Engine servers.

6 – Cloning aka “Staging”

I won’t go into too much detail here but I can literally “clone” the full One Page Love site to a secret WP Engine URL. Then I can test new plugins, tweak custom code, play with new redesigns and more. Because we have over 5000 WordPress posts, syncing with my local copy isn’t that easy. It’s also worth mentioning there is a one-click option to push your “staging” website changes to the live site. Boom!


Staging is a game-changer when it comes to testing big site redesigns and you want to “experience” all your content in the new design, pre-launch.

7 – Security

Without going too technical, other than the secure firewalls in place, WP Engine permanently scan the hosting to pick up if any files look suspicious. One Page Love got hacked on our previous hosting and is yet to be hacked on WP Engine. Although highly unlikely, if it did get hacked, we would simply restore the WordPress to the previous backup point, mentioned earlier. No mess, no fuss.

8 – Support

Last but not least – support, support, support. Support is the item that separates most business and WP Engine has separated themselves by a mile to hosting competitors. I’d go as far as saying they’ve carved out their own niche as support-first hosting. Being a WordPress-only hosting business, they make sure every single support staff member knows the in’s and out’s of WordPress.

Couple weeks back, I had a WordPress Multisite installation that was sub-domain structured and was struggling to convert to sub-directory. I mailed them and they did it for me. Possibly 30 more mins+ of work if I attempted it, all done by them:


Incredible right?

Piece of Mind

Knowing my content is secure and is being delivered in the best way possible, really helps piece-of-mind as One Page Love is my full time income. I never question “Is there something more I could be doing?” – I just focus on the content.

People immediately conclude WP Engine hosting is “expensive” but when you take into account the above 8 points it’s an absolute no-brainer. My whole business operates on hosting – so why cut corners? When you dissect the service and realise the value – WP Engine hosting is totally affordable.

Hope this was useful.